Our latest risk-focused research, How Asset Managers and Asset Owners are Leveraging Technology for Better Enterprise Risk Management,? in?partnership?with?Forbes?Insights,?explores how technology-based investment risk management solutions power risk analysis and create a unified risk framework.

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Data Management Best Practices in Financial Services - Learn how financial services firms can best equip themselves to capitalize on recent shifts in the investment landscape.

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Whether you need market, company, or alternative data, FactSet data delivery services give you normalized data through APIs and a direct delivery of local copies of standard data feeds.

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Join a team of highly motivated, talented individuals who are empowered to find answers through creative technology.

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Transformative Technology: Exploring Innovation and Disruption in Financial Services - a survey of technology adoption in the investment industry amid of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Build sustainable investment strategies and create multi-asset class reports with flexible ESG data, research, and analytics for all phases of the portfolio lifecycle.


Offering unique content and analytical tools for each stage of the investment process, FactSet is an industry leader in providing ESG solutions for asset managers and investment managers worldwide. Leverage our connected coverage and build a seamless workflow from portfolio construction and analysis all the way to risk and reporting.

Our ESG solutions bring continuity and context to sustainability-related scores, issues, and opportunities. Analyze the global economy’s ethical practices and performance in areas such as carbon intensity, fossil fuel exposure, and board diversity. Develop, test, and implement your best research ideas with cohesive applications, market benchmarks, and trusted ESG integration. Open and flexible technology connects data from FactSet, top ESG providers, and your in-house system for normalized comparisons and more meaningful analysis.





ESG Investing Solutions

    Discover unique insights with powerful, best-of-breed content.

    Get critical insight into sustainability performance and enhance the long-term profile of your investment strategy. From company scores and ratings to fundamental and alternative datasets, our environmental, social, and corporate governance solutions provide everything you need to drive returns and manage risk in a rapidly changing economy.

    Access best-in-class, fully integrated research, ratings, and metrics from ISS, MSCI, Sustainalytics, and other  third-party ESG providers like TruValue, RepRisk, and Arabesque. Power your signal-building with news and transcripts on the latest ESG issues. Leverage ESG peer-group classifications that are mapped directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to measure a company’s sustainability progress and overall impact.


    Unique Content


    Learn how Asset Owners and Investment Managers can effectively incorporate ESG data in their strategy with our transparent framework.


    Easily incorporate data to your portfolio dashboards and risk applications.

    ESG investing is no longer a niche activity—it’s becoming fully mainstream. Access to relevant data and analytics should be no different.

    FactSet’s open framework and connected data model allow you to import standardized content into your algorithms and software systems with ease. Global, vetted, and constantly updated content from FactSet and third-party providers can be deployed to your infrastructure and workflows to ensure continuity across all teams. Integrate ESG data into a variety of platforms to evaluate sustainable investing and material risks on your terms.


    Flexible Integration

    Build your ESG reputation with customized reporting.

    Fuel your portfolio with in-depth ESG analysis and research, customized to your workflow. Leverage our trusted market expertise and flexible integration for compelling reporting that works at the speed and scale of your investment goals. Analyze the ESG performance of your portfolio against a benchmark with FactSet’s multi-asset class analytics. Create your ESG factors and scoring concepts and add internal research comments to communicate the strengths of your strategy. Monitor your interactions with other firms on aspects of ESG management, materiality, factor contribution, attribution, and risk. 

    Customized Reporting

    Develop internal scores, commentary, and engagements.

    Create proprietary ESG scores with commentary based on your coverage universe and top sustainable investment themes. Customize forms, tasks, and approval processes to ensure your workflow aligns with your ESG investment framework. Track your engagements and calls with companies based on ESG themes and view documented follow-ups with desired outcomes. Experience seamless ESG integration that lets you view custom ratings alongside third-party data in your screens, dashboards, and Microsoft Excel templates. Build and implement custom tear sheets within data visualization tools for internal or client ESG reporting purposes.

    Internal Ratings

    Screen for sustainable investments with decision-driving tools and technology.

    Impact investing isn’t just respectable—it creates long-term value. Develop, test, and enhance your investment strategies to meet the expectations of an evolving market. FactSet features equity and fixed-income screening for quick insights into entities that meet specific ESG criteria. Choose from an array of qualitative and quantitative data and use statistics to gauge the predictive nature of ESG factors. Examine companies based on their environmental impact, social impact, and corporate governance to uncover identify sustainability-related risks and opportunities.

    Screening Technology

    Simplify compliance and demonstrate complete transparency.

    The need for heightened transparency, accountability, and compliance calls for a secure platform that fits seamlessly into your research workflow. Have trust in your ESG reporting with objective data items, regulatory guides, original source documents, and robust auditing capabilities. Identify companies that do not comply with environmental regulations to mitigate reputational risk. Generate proprietary ESG research records alongside fundamental data for ultimate transparency.


    Transparent Compliance

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    The best way to understand what makes FactSet different is to see it for yourself. We've worked with investment professionals for 40 years, so we understand your workflow and know precisely how to help. Talk to us about your challenges, and we’ll help you design the most effective solutions for your firm with everything you need — and not what you don’t.

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